Beard Belly Blade is a blog about being a dude who doesn't suck—being a dude with intention.

We discuss politics and culture, acknowledging that sexism, privilege, and prejudice are real and that men have a responsibility to constantly grow and be better, as fathers, partners, and community members.

At the same time, we take a lot of joy in being ourselves and enjoying "guy stuff." What is "guy stuff"? I don't have a good answer for that just yet. It is something we will continue to explore. It certainly isn't meant to be exclusive. But we do look forward to relaxing our tone, writing about whatever it is we find ourselves interested in, and allowing ourselves to bro out a bit from time to time.


I should also mention that this blog is run by some entrepreneurs who are involved in various startups and product launches. We talk about products we like, including some of our own. We do our best not to come across as overly pitchy and to be clear when we're recommending products for which we might see a financial benefit if they sell.

We do also collect data on you, so check out our Privacy Policy. Obviously (like every other frickin' website in the world these days...), we track our website visitors with Google Analytics and sometimes we might use that information to target you with Facebook or Google Ads. We also allow you to opt into our newsletter, should you wish to sign up for updates. We don't share those email addresses, but we might send you email content that includes product recommendations for which we get paid.

Finally, we do sometimes display ads on this site that are served up by Google Adsense and Amazon. This allows us to monetize the site, pay our writers (as best we can) and run our own advertising to grow our community.

Hopefully, we are true to our motto and don't suck. Hopefully, you get something our of the ideas we share here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sean Larkin
Creator, Beard Belly Blade

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